5 Places To Visit In Italy If You Love Art, History And Culture.

A new direct rail link has recently been activated and will take you from Termini Station to Mantua Station in 3.5 hours. And it’s worth it because the mantua is one of Italy’s rarest medieval jewels. Even if you only have to walk the streets and squares, start with the delicious Pizza del Arbe. Get a good bed and breakfast, or go home to the hostel. The prices are around 20 euros. human being. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste pumpkin turkey, the first course you will find in Espresso, the cheapest hotel in the city center.

Matera, the European capital of 2019, recently returned to attract visitors. In fact, it is the most famous tourist destination in Italy. Train travel requires patience, not haste in communication, but the beauty of the course is fully presented, diving in the south of Italy, where you will always find color and light. An important monument to Sisi Matira, the entire city stands at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tuff. Rock Cut Quarters offers cheap hostels that cost less than پون 15. Cooking overnight and on a budget without compromising on taste.

What sets Naples apart from other great Italians is that although the budget is very tight, it is very beautiful and easy to travel. The city is open, hospitable, and open to visitors from all walks of life thanks to its convenient rail links. Like many Italian cities, Naples is a remote area and there are plenty of places to pay homage to its architectural wonders, from the Piazza del Plebiscito to the walls of the Castel del Ovo and the streets of Espanapoli. Museums are also cheap. Archeology and cappuccino can be seen on the famous hill. But there are other attractions in Naples that can’t be promoted: here you can eat right away, use almost anything – try the pizza, mozzarella, or any kind of pastry.

Palermo is one of the few big cities in Italy where prices are consistently low. In the capital of Sicily, you will find the historic center, with its Arab splendor, available throughout the city, where the Palatine Church stands. Hostel and hotel deals are big and very cheap – even less than ten euros a night. Night. About food … it turns out that wherever you are, you will have the opportunity to make the most of it by removing dirt. As if that weren’t enough, there are many nearby coastal cities that are perfect for relaxation and leisure: Cephalo is the most famous of them all.

There is also an open-air museum in Pisa. Especially the incredible Piazza de Miracoli, with its towers and churches, one of the most important monuments in Italy and the world. Money is also a college town, so saving is a priority: in these neighborhoods, you’ll find fantasy bars and clubs that offer quality products for specific uses. Just ask for euros. Curiosity: Keith Herring helped reinforce the idea that today it is an open-air museum, located in front of Pisa City Central Station, one of the most beautiful walls in Pisa. One is given. Another advantage is that regional train links between Florence, Genoa, and Rome are faster and cheaper. If you go to the city, you can move around freely. It’s great and free.

Just 35 minutes by train from Florence, Santa Maria Novella, Tuscany’s least-known treasure, pistachios, churches, palaces, and basements that make Italy a stunning beauty – especially Tuscany – expensive hospitality From. So much so that you can take advantage of Pestia’s Golden Base selection and explore the area with its thermal baths. Don’t miss the Pacifica train tour or the historical and artistic centers. Tuscan food is local and democratic: take advantage of the fact that Pretoria still has a popular tradition in these areas.

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