5 Top Tourist Attractions In Italy You Must See Before You Die.

Catania is the second-largest center of Sicily after Palermo. It opens up to the traveler with all the beautiful and charming emotions, the fragrance of Sicily, the strong accents, the desire to amaze the artists and the guests. Don’t forget to visit Roman monuments, especially the Amy Theater, and enjoy the region’s great cuisine, the unforgettable taste of gastronomic Sicily, especially the meat that can be “roasted and eaten” at a very low price. Once you taste them, you will never forget them.

Chieti is a gem to discover, especially if you are looking for south-central Italy and especially Abruzzo. It connects the train to Pescara and Rome via the station on a state-of-the-art regional line, so it’s faster than ever. This city will amaze you with the pleasant combination of ancient Rome, Baroque, medieval. Don’t miss the nearby Roman Amphitheater and Archaeological Museum (ticket 3 per ticket) for cultural and natural immersion in the air of the Abruzzo Mountains. When it comes to food, be careful: you can eat it if you like it.

Como is an unusual city to live in during the spring and summer months, and the lake of the same name is an ideal starting point for sports, tourism and activities. About 40 minutes from Milan Central, Como San Giovanni Station is a historic center and an ideal center for exploring freshwater beaches. Pat-like hospitality is common in lakes and mountains. There is nothing better than asking the locals if you know where good food is on a budget. Many famous chefs in these areas have opened restaurants at exorbitant prices, but people know who can cook without earning as much as in the past.

Lecce: Known as the capital of Salento, Lex Baroque is an open-air monument with historic centers. You can spend a lot of time in these areas in more weather. But if you visit here in spring or autumn, vibrant colors are best, and the availability of affordable guesthouses and hotels will be enhanced with guaranteed savings. People come to Lisa to relax, go out and eat: Cassette is always offered for coffee, and Apollo Fossil is so good that you will enjoy the taste without effort.

This authentic and simple port city will win your heart, especially because of the honesty and generosity of its people. With excellent rail links from the coast of Ternia, Livorno is the beloved soul of the better and better Tuscany. They talk from bread to bread, from wine to wine, and if you admire the city, you will immediately see the friendly personality that comes out of every bull. There’s another good reason to visit the food: Many buffets and treats offer delicious fish at reasonable prices.

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