The Golden history of Muslim hero Sultan Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi [RA]

Salahuddin Ayubi is widely known as one of the most important people in the Middle East during medieval times. He is the one that founded the Ayubid dynasty. He was also the first person that held the title of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. “Said never they are not our teachers the Crusaders are not our teachers. We have our own principles. We will stand by our principles.

This is what we are proud of. This is what Islamic civilization stands for. This is what we cherish. This is why we turn around and say to the haters and Islamophobes. No matter how much you try to link Islam with barbarity and backwardness and others? You know unpleasant things. We will never believe you because we have a history to look up to. We have characters like Sultan Salahuddin. We have our prophet Muhammad (S.A). We have his companion.

Sultan Salahuddin had taken the city of Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187. In the month of July, after a very long hard campaign trying to unite the Muslims under one umbrella so that they can take back the city of Jerusalem now when that happened, the Pope encouraged another crusade to reclaim or retake the city of Jerusalem. Sultan Salahuddin was a salon then cut the long story short Richard having traveled for nearly a year arrived in Acre and as soon as he took the city there was a battle between Sultana and him.

There was Richard had three thousand Muslims as his prisoners and all 3,000 of them were slaughtered in one day. Richard was a very faced character right. He had shown how barbaric. He was by killing 3,000 Muslims in acre right despite that the Sultan was so kind to him and he even offered him. You know fresh fruits if he needed actually you did send him fresh fruits from his territory and also offered him personal physician and they were there were these exchanges between which not only that’s all counsel.

How do you be halal after Richard had failed to take the city? He was six miles away from the city of Jerusalem when this whole town was actually inside the city and the generals are so fond they came to him. They said leave the city okay and you know if the city is taken again. We can go and we can try to take it back so Don said: 

“I will never leave the people of the city ever after seeing what happened in Acre. I will not leave the city of Jerusalem alone so the teacher of Sultan Salahuddin”

In fact, the Sultan asked him “what shall I do in this situation? Richard was six miles away and where did Richard come from? He came from England and France that’s where his army came from because he governed both territories parts of both parts of England and part of France was governed by Richard”. He had come this far thousands of miles away traveling for years and six miles away from the city of the Sultan. The population is worried that Richard if he takes the city he will do exactly what happened in 109 when the Crusaders took the city for the first time.

They massacred the entire population right so Sultana approached his teacher and he shock advised him that who gives victory who he asked him who gives victory he said Allah okay go and ask Allah and Allah ask Allah span and Allah for respite and Muhammad Jihad. The Sultan went to the Masjid al-Aqsa and he stood on the Masala. He cried to such an extent that the place of such that was wet with his tears. He was it is beyond me now the Crusader King.

He’s a vicious character he has come with a barbaric army and we don’t know what they’re gonna do it is in your hands for some reason Richard turned around six miles away from the city of Jerusalem. When he goes back does not even attack the city doesn’t even attack the city.

What happened in 1099? The crusaders killed even animals let alone humans. The Jews were killed. The Muslims are killed and the Armenian Christians were killed in the city of Jerusalem. Everyone was massacred. When he took the city some of his hawkish generals were of the opinion that we should do what happened to the Muslims said never. They are not our teachers the Crusaders are not our teachers we have our own principles. 

We have our teachers to look up to they have taught us to be civilized do they have taught us to be merciful be compassionate. Even when you are in power your true reality comes to light when you are in power social towns around. You know you are paid from his own pocket send people back at his expense to places like France and Britain. So, when people came back to Britain you know salt on Salahuddin ‘you be within his life he became a legend Christians in Britain in England.

They were saying good things it was impossible at that time to praise a Muslim in Europe. If you did that the Catholic Church would be on you how can you praise the infidel will fighting against is the enemy of the Christians. This is how things were black and white and amazingly if you want to read books on this topic. How the Europeans viewed the Muslims during the Middle Ages a very important book I recommend is Islam and the West making of an image Islam and the West making of an image altered by Daniel Norman.

Daniel Norman a must-read for anyone interested in how Islam was viewed and how Islam was? You know tarnished and maligned and you know completely. You know lied against throughout the Middle Ages and nothing has changed again the media is doing the same thing. Today, it is not the Catholic Church it is not the Clergy the Monks writing Chronicles. It is the secular Monks or other monks who have come in different guys to spread lies and hate against Islam and Muslims but alhamdulillah we have a history we have our characters we are examples to this day to follow of mercy compassion and justice.

Sultan had a lot of influence in Britain at that time because of his good gesture of letting people go in one day. You know 3 thousands of people from slavery people who were captured after Jerusalem was taken right so Ta’ala Dena UV was remembered in good words by the Europeans throughout the Middle Ages it doesn’t stop there even after that.

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