Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Temple Of Horus

Jerusalem, built between 237-57 BC, is one of the oldest monuments in Egypt. After the ban on pagan worship, the desert sands that filled the area were preserved and the temple was dedicated to Isis and Horus, the wise sons of Assyria. This is a great place for old buildings without breaking the roof. Edfu I. E. Life and burial places since 3000. The horse is the “home” and center of worship for the god Horus Bidet (formerly Edfu), but the modern temple of Horus is Ptolemy. 237 – August 23. S. iii. In terms of concept and design, it corresponds to the general design, size, decoration, and traditions of Egyptian clothing depicted in the comfort of the Greek Pharaoh’s temple. Although the church of Luxor or Abydos is cool, its remarkable preservation fills many gaps in history.

Temple Of Horus

In fact, it is an example of a 2,000-year-old architectural style dating back to the time of Ptolemy. Two hundred years ago, the temple was buried with a piece of sand, debris, and a roof from the village of Edfu. Excavations began at Marriott Augustus in the mid-19th century. The church now has a new visitor center with a ticket and office desk, a clean lounge, a kiosk, and a 15-minute review of an English film on church history. Not far from the Roman mammals (his birthplace) stands a large pillar (door) with 36-meter-high colored falcon ropes, two large but beautiful statues of Horus. The walls are decorated with great reliefs from the 12th century. Ptolemy Nevis Dionysus, who touched his hair and tried to break Horus in the skulls of his enemies. This is the propaganda position of the great Pharaoh.

Temple Of Horus art

Outside of this column, the victim’s palace is surrounded on 32 sides by 32 columns, each with a different capital. The walls are decorated with residences, including a “beautiful gathering” at the entrance, magically together. The second set of Falcon Horse statues, in black granite, was placed at the entrance to the first hall or outer hall of the temple pillars, but only one of them remains today. At the entrance to the outer hall, to the left and right of the doctrine, are two small rooms: on the right – the church library, where the texts of the rites are kept. The room on the left is the shrine, the coat room, where shirts and clothes are kept in lavish vases. The hall itself consists of 12 columns, the walls are decorated with boss reliefs on the church floor.

Temple Of Horus sketch

There are also 12 columns in Colonial Hall, and perhaps an interesting place in this church is in the upper left corner of the hall: the Church Laboratory. Here, perfumes and fragrance recipes are carefully prepared, memorized and their contents written on the wall. Enter the hall with the inner pillar through the main door and enter the hall of the altar, where fruits, flowers, wine, milk, and other food are served. To the west, it is 242 meters high and offers a beautiful view of the Nile River and its surroundings. (Roofs are closed to customers).

Temple Of Horus art

The house in the second room gives access to the Temple of Horus, where a golden statue of Horus stood in a polished granite temple. Founded during Nectanbo II (360-343 BC), Ptolemy reused this temple or house of God in a new temple. In front of it is a replica of a wooden ship that was destroyed by a statue of Horus from the church during the holidays: the original was in the Louvre in Paris. Find the nanometer on the left, which measures the river level on the east wall and will help predict the next crop.

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