The 5 Most Fascinating Cities In Italy Everyone Should Visit.

Ascoli Piceno is easily reached by train along the Adriatic coast. According to the city’s historic decor, the main square, Piazza del Popolo, is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy due to the beauty and harmony of the Travertines. This is not the only attraction of unique beauty. Walking through the streets and towers you will find much more hidden like the church of St. Amedeo. Even staying in medieval hotels and hostels, including tourist-friendly loggers, is an affordable pastime. For food, you will win the ordinary Ascoli food because it is as simple, rich, and popular as olives.

Bari is one of the most important railway stations in the Adriatic and southern Italy. From Bari Central, you can easily and quickly reach Rome, Naples, and Bologna. In these places, you are befriended by the strong character and mysterious, almost pirate beauty of the coastal city. It’s easy to dream cheap: lots of hotels, hostels, and hostels at affordable prices. About the dishes, if you do not have specific liver problems, stop frying pancakes: eat a little and you will be very happy.

In just 45 minutes by train from Milan, Bergamo lets you breathe away from steep climbs. This medieval gem is known for its beauty at the nearby Oriole Serio Airport. And it’s a shame that Bergamo deserves respect when you walk through the busy streets that go up and down the city. It saves you money, but you stay big: you can’t choose between a hotel. Take to the streets without eating – Polio is essential.

Brescia is worth a look! This beautiful, honest, and welcoming city of Lombardy is just 40 minutes by train from the center of Milan. Cathedral Loggia et al. And there are regular tours for fans. It’s cheaper to spend the night in these places: you can stay for less than twenty euros a night. Thanks for the hotel offer and someone for the hostel.

Caserta, 40 minutes by train from Central Naples, is famous for its Bourbon Palace, which is worth a visit. In fact, the palace has multiple floors: in addition to the beautifully preserved interior, you’ll be enchanted by the English-style garden, where you can still see Bourbon-era furniture and frescoes. A ticket to the palace or a temporary exhibition in Milan or other Italian monuments is 16 euros less than the entrance fee. And don’t try the local mozzarella first: it melts kindly in your mouth.

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