10 Unique Places To Visit This Holiday Season: An Infographic.


Living costs are low, it’s sunny and there’s a huge ex-pat community. You can quickly build a social life by joining local ex-pat groups on Facebook and there’s plenty to keep you busy and entertained. Learn to surf and live your best beach life in the Algarve, sip cocktails in stylish cities Lisbon and Porto, or go rural with a farm-stay in the Alentejo.   


Daydream beaches, a low cost of living, and a population that might be the friendliest on earth make Thailand a popular destination for extended breaks. Live the high life in bustling Bangkok, go island-hopping in Krabi province, or head into the mountains and join the established digital nomad community in Chiang Mai.


It’s an off-the-radar destination with a rich cultural heritage, friendly atmosphere, and low cost of living. Enjoy laid-back summer evenings on Yerevan’s bar terraces, go hiking in the mountains, swim in crystal clear lakes, and get to know delicious traditional dishes like tolma (stuffed vine leaves) and khorovats (barbecued meat skewers).


Year-round sunshine, white-sand beaches, and a laid-back tropical lifestyle…. this is the Caribbean dream. Bajan people are renowned for their friendly and welcoming attitude, so expect plenty of hospitality. During a long holiday in Barbados, you’ll have time to try water sports, explore underground cave networks, and sample plenty of rum.


It’s English-speaking and – unsurprisingly, for the world’s second-largest country – there’s plenty to see and do. You really do need a long holiday to-do Canada justice. Take an autumnal road trip around Nova Scotia, hit the ski slopes in Whistler, or explore bustling cities like Toronto and French-influenced Montreal.  At number 10 is the world’s second-largest country, otherwise known as “The Great White North”.

The mix of cool cities and untouched wilderness is what makes Canada so appealing to every type of traveller. There are few places where you could be watching a show one minute and through a forest the next. Canada’s capital Toronto is best known for CN Tower, once the world’s tallest towers, vibrant Kensington Market, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Quebec, Vancouver, and Montreal are also not to be missed.


Spain is one of those countries that people love to visit time and again, so it’s no surprise that it comes in at number nine on our travellers’ list of dream destinations. Mainland Spain is home to iconic cities including Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. From discovering Madrid’s food markets and finding inner peace on a secluded beach on Lanzarote to drinking Rioja in La Rioja and trying ensaimada in Malaga there are plenty of reasons Spain will find a place in your heart. Don’t forget about its islands including party-lover’s paradise Ibiza and Mallorca, the home of world-renowned artist Joan Miró and Moorish architecture that will get your creative juices flowing.


Our travellers have nominated Paris as one of their top destinations, and it’s easy to see why. The “City of Lights” has unique magic which attracts millions of visitors each year. Get lost in the gritty Pigalle neighborhood, walk along with the boardwalk garden on Bassin de l’Arsenal canal, and indulge the senses in the covered markets of Le Marais. Not-to-mention Paris is the home of the cozy-chic wine bar. But it would be a mistake to ignore France’s second and third cities including Marseille, Cannes, Bordeaux and Biarritz. From Bordeaux’s young, artsy aesthetic to Canne’s glamorous boulevards and boardwalks you’ll see more of what makes France so enchanting.

What is considered long term travel?

There’s no set-in-stone definition for long-term travel. It means different things to different people. It could mean being on the road for three to six months or extending your gap year by another year or two. For some long-term slow travelers, like digital nomads, it can mean constantly being on the move. As most holidays last for a couple of weeks, we reckon it’s anything longer than a month.

How do I plan a long holiday?

  1. Research your destination first: which cities are best, and which neighbourhoods?
  2. Check visa requirements for long-term travellers
  3. Work out a budget. Find out how much money you need to live off, and start saving. Websites like Numbeo can give a good idea of cost of living
  4. Look for long-term accommodation options
  5. Book your flights early. Some destinations may want to see your return ticket when you arrive.

How do you travel long term on a budget?

  1. Book self-catering accommodation so you don’t need to dine out every night
  2. Travel during the low season: many accommodation owners offer special deals to ensure full occupancy
  3. Look for free things to do in your destinations. Many cities have free walking tours, and museums offer free entry on special occasions
  4. Do your own laundry. Laundrettes are often much cheaper than hotel laundry services
  5. Become a minimalist. Only spend money on things you need, not just things you want. For example, take a coffee in a thermos and people-watch in a park, rather than visiting a café.

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