Bangladesh: An Overview Of The Largest Muslim Nation.

Sri Mangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh and the place is full of different green colors. The area is known for its rainfed tea and you will find a wide variety of plants here as you explore the plains and communities found in Sri Mangal. Be sure to visit your local tea factory, where you often visit the tasting house, visit the McCain fields, and have a sip of fragrant tea. Walking is also very popular in the area, but it is still difficult for others to walk.

The world looks far away from the Sundarbans mangroves, but the city of Dhaka offers a variety of forests. Dhaka, which flows along the Buri Ganga, was inhabited by Mughal princes and Shah Jahan (the architect of the famous Taj Mahal) during the British colonial period. Today more than 17 million people live in this city and colorful and fragrant temples, churches, monuments, and markets are waiting for you.

Chittagong has 2.5 million people, which cannot be compared to other cities like Dhaka. However, the busy port city is worth a visit, especially if you travel to the beautiful mountains of Bangladesh. This beautiful trail, which includes the beautiful Lake Faye, is surrounded by beautiful valleys and Chittagong is considered the starting point when planning the trek. In the house on the right, you will find the Chittagong Decommissioning Wharf, where you will see oil tankers falling and the shrine of Amanat Khan, one of the most revered saints in Bangladesh.

Rangamati is a charming hill town in the beautiful Chittagong hills, a quiet and peaceful alternative to the poorest cities in Bangladesh. Situated on the shores of Lake Kaptai, the city is famous for its blue and green waters and surrounding forests. You will see small colorful boats on the surface of the lake and if you are lucky the Asian elephants will walk on the river. The main attractions are nature tours and the golden statue of Buddha in Jeddah. Other attractions include the Prajatan Suspension Bridge and the ancient Chakma Raj Mahal.

Leila St. Martin Enclave is everywhere in Bangladesh as it is the only coral island in the country. The area is covered with sand and sea turtles that live on coconut palms. You will find better Caribbean seafood here than South Asian seafood, including deep-fried curry. Diving is also a popular activity, so if you want to see the country’s incredible aquatic life, this is the place to go.

Paharpur is a large town known in the area of ​​Nogan and where the ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Somapura Mahavira can be seen. The area is considered one of the most interesting monuments of South Asian Buddhism and consists of a large walled space separated from the streets and halls that were once thought of.

Coca-Cola Beach overlooks the Indian Ocean on the southern shores of river islands in central Bangladesh. One of the main reasons to go there is to see the beautiful sunset on the distant sea. The beach is surrounded by tropical palm trees and small rivers can be seen flowing through the country to the Bay of Bengal. There are not many tourists in this part of Bangladesh so this is a great place if you are looking for shortcuts. Some of the people you see here are local fishermen and you can sample curry wires and tasty lobster.

Situated in the rugged mountains of the north of the country, Sylhet is covered with vineyards and tea gardens. Bangladesh has 800-year history and in Jalong you will find Hindu temples full of delicate and fertile forests. In the middle of Sylhet, you can see many tea leaves and markets, and locals come to town.

Here you will also find the border between Bangladesh and India, including the rainforests of Tumble Jalong and Lachira, which are famous for their leopard population. The ancient city of Ghor is located on the Indian border and in northeastern Bangladesh. Today the city is deserted and desolate, and with minarets and monuments can be seen with red arches.

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